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Parsons, Paul; Shukla, Prakash; Park, Chorong

Fixation and Creativity in Data Visualization Design: Experiences and Perspectives of Practitioners Conference

IEEE VIS Conference, Short Papers, 2021.

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Parsons, Paul; Gray, Colin M.; Baigelenov, Ali; Carr, Ian

Design Judgment in Data Visualization Practice Conference

IEEE Visualization Conference (VIS), short papers, 2020.

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Karabiyik, Tugba; Magana, Alejandra J; Parsons, Paul; Seah, Ying Ying

Characterizing students’ design strategies during simulation-based engineering of sustainable buildings Conference

Proceedings of the 2020 ASEE Annual Conference & Exposition, Montreal, Canada, 2020.

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Murdoch-Kitt, Kelly; Gray, Colin M; Parsons, Paul; Toombs, Austin L; Louw, Marti; Gent, Elona Van

Developing Students’ Instrumental Judgment Capacity for Design Research Methods Inproceedings

In: Dialogue: Proceedings of the AIGA Design Educators Community Conferences, pp. 108–115, AIGA Design Educators Community, 2019.

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