UX for Scientific Cyberinfrastructure

We work with the Science Gateways Community Institute (SGCI), and NSF-funded project that aims to speed the development and application of robust, cost-effective, sustainable cyberinfrastructure to address the needs of scientists and engineers across the sciences. The work of the institute has been increasing the quantity and the quality (effectiveness and usability) of gateways to science and engineering. One of the critical factors for successful and sustainable science gateways is a good user experience. As a form of outreach and engagement with the scientific community, we provide consulting services for scientific cyberinfrastructure projects through the SGCI. To date we have conducted more than 45 consulting engagements with gateways teams. We also investigate common usability issues for cyberinfrastructure platforms and, more broadly, the role of UX in building and maintaining scientific cyberinfrastructure platforms.

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Parsons, Paul; Chen, Yu-Chuan; Ho, Yu-Shen; Groothuis, Kaitlin; Dentler, Brandon; Stirm, Claire; Gesing, Sandra; Zentner, Michael

Common Usability Problems and Solutions for Science Gateways Conference

Gateways 2020, 2020.

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Parsons, Paul; Gesing, Sandra; Stirm, Claire; Zentner, Michael

SGCI Incubator and its Role in Workforce Development: Lessons Learned from Training, Consultancy, and Building a Community of Community-Builders for Science Gateways Conference

Proceedings of the Practice and Experience in Advanced Research Computing Conference (PEARC '20), Poster Papers, 2020.

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